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There are some who forget God amidst the stir an& the seductions of life. The table is the Lord's table. He had a most vivid perception that the feast, the anointing, the fulness, all came from the Divine hand This sense of God in our lives makes a whole world of difference to our experience. And the writer says, "Where God makes his home, there shall be mine. INSPIRED WORDS. David could not dwell there; even a priest or Levite could not dwell there "for ever." Over 2 million readers around the world have had their spiritual lives enriched and their understanding of God’s Word expanded by The MacArthur Study Bible.Drawing on more than fifty years of dedicated pastoral and scholarly work, Dr. John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse study notes, book introductions, and articles display an unparalleled commitment to interpretive precision—with the goal … "Paths of righteousness' may be taken to include both the way of duty and the leading of God's providence. Each one may say, "He loved me, and gave himself up for me;" "The Lord is my Shepherd." So also rest from spiritual work. This power to do—to conquer sin in ourselves and in the world—is strengthened by unshaken faith in God's truth, and by the power of self-denial. But it is not so with the righteous. 4. This metaphor, so frequent in the later Scriptures (Isaiah 40:11; Isaiah 49:9, Isaiah 49:10; Jeremiah 31:10; Ezekiel 34:6-19; John 10:11-19, John 10:26-28; Hebrews 13:20; 1 Peter 2:25; 1 Peter 5:4; Revelation 7:17), is perhaps implied in Genesis 48:15, but first appears, plainly and openly, in the Davidical psalms (see, besides the present passage, Psalms 74:1; Psalms 77:20; Psalms 78:53; Psalms 79:1-13 :14; Psalms 80:1—psalms which, if not David's, belong to the time, and were written under the influence, of David). OUR ASSURANCE OF THE CONSTANCY OF THE DIVINE LOVE AND GOODNESS. absolute, unlimited, lordship—is a word of terror and degradation among men, because of the cruel, selfish, tyrannical use men have made of it. It includes all kinds of intercourse with God—worship, communion, sonship, obedience, guidance, so as to fill the whole life of thought and feeling and action. 2. The few verses which compose this psalm would leave but a small blank on the page, if blotted out; but suppose all translations which have been made of them into all languages, all references to them in literature, all remembrance of them in human hearts, could be effaced, who can measure the blank, the void, the loss? GOD'S SHEPHERD-CARE DISCLOSED IN REVELATION. He now appoints under-shepherds to care for the flock. Download and Read online John Macarthur S Electronic Bible Study Library ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. Thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff—i.e. But the believer has a right to say this—knows what is beyond (John 14:2-4; Revelation 7:15-17). The NT concurs by citing Ex. "And I will dwell … for ever." These are God's gifts, not by any direct act of his, but as the consequence of striving to do his will. "Paths of righteousness," i.e. The sheep can wander wide easily enough, but if they are to be kept in the right way that can be only through the Shepherd s care. In Ezekiel 34:1-31. Then he will gather in and gather home all the flock (1 Peter 5:4). (Acts 20:28.). He means the heavenly temple (Psalms 11:4). I couldn't be more grateful to John MacArthur, and his deep love of Scripture, in his writing of this gem. (1 Peter 2:25.) not as an echo from three thousand years ago, but as the voice of a living friend. "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want" etc. 13:2 to “the law of Moses,” which is also referred to as “the law of the Lord” (Luke 2:22, 23), by ascribing Ex. III. The evil of death is the sense of guilt. He saw what was needful, and designed this feast for the good of his people. Christ gives us the victory over that evil by proclaiming the forgiveness of the Father, and the removal of our sin. The MacArthur Bible Handbook is the ultimate book-by-book survey of the Bible, including charts, graphs, and illustrations from today's leading expository teacher.. A unique reference tool that is committed to quality and biblical teaching—will help you easily understand each book of the Bible, its historical context, and its place in Scripture. Free Shipping by Amazon ... (MacArthur Bible Studies) Part of: MacArthur Bible Studies (46 Books) | by John F. MacArthur | Jun 28, 2016. Dr.John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible available. cup—which represents abundance—are prepared for the child of God, who may feast in spite of his enemies, confident that this favor will ever attend him. We need not omit either thought, though the latter seems principally intended. Their final triumph in the day of judgment will be in the very presence of all their assembled enemies, for in their very presence He will pronounce the sentence which will make their eternal happiness sure, Matthew 25:31-36. To young and old, to the rich and poor, to the people of various lands and tongues, it is equally dear. Death is not always dark or difficult to good men. Sheep and shepherds pass away. 4. In the presence of mine enemies — Who seeing, envying, and fretting at it, are not able to hinder it. "My Shepherd" (see John 10:11, John 10:27, John 10:28). So it is of the soul. If there are times of sweet rest and comfort, there are also times of struggling and of fear. Consider. The course of thought in this psalm reminds us of a path which, after crossing peaceful plains and narrow gorges, climbs the mountain, and from its top beholds the wide, glorious prospect bathed in sunshine. III. Find out how you can be at peace with God for eternity as John MacArthur shows you fifteen words that sum up the most powerful truth in all of Scripture. The anointing oil is the token of the right royal welcome which the Host delights to give! We must dismiss all such associations if we would understand either the poetry or the parables of Scripture. Not mental inactivity. I. The same Protector, the same gracious and merciful God, will be still with him—leading him, guiding his steps, shepherding him, keeping him from evil. This means, "Thou art continually with me," not merely with me in the darkness, but with me always. "As thy days, so shall thy strength be" (Deuteronomy 33:25; Philippians 4:13). A child can see that a cricket-ball is a globe; but it needed much philosophy to convince men that this great world, which to ordinary vision is fiat, is a globe too. II. In Isaiah 40:11 (as in the psalm) Christ's tender care of individuals, even the youngest, is represented. When he gets back the wandering sheep he lays it on his own shoulders (Greek, see Luke 15:5). Psalms 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. He has been the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in … The enjoyment of it arises from and depends on labouring for it and the moderate use of it. Daily devotional with John Piper. In recent weeks, John MacArthur and Grace Community Church have been the subject of fury from leftist politicians and leftist Evangelicals because of his unwavering stance against government tyranny and its overreach into the affairs of the ecclesial matters of the Church. In the centre of the picture is the Lord Jesus, with a halo of glory over his head, a crown of thorns around his brow, and in one hand a shepherd's staff. John MacArthur has announced that Master’s Seminary has been given the rights to update and refine the legendary New American Standard Bible (NASB) translation and that the linguistic team overseen by Dr. Abner Chou at the seminary will be making “subtle” changes to it. Yet his meaning is to some extent clear. Let us not forget to note the Shepherd's individualizing care. Message originally recorded on September 30, 2018. Sometimes, indeed, the way may be dark, even as death itself; still it is the right way (Psalms 107:7; Ezra 8:21-23). He is a pilgrim-traveller. The presence of God is life's exceeding joy. God's two angels, "goodness and mercy," not only abide with us here, but will bring us to the everlasting habitation. GOD'S SHEPHERD-CARE EXERCISED IN ACT. II. It would be absurd to suppose there can be a right to do wrong with God any more than with man. But the rest is spiritual in its kind. If not, the gospel has not yet fulfilled its mission in your heart and life. I. Weekly telecasts and daily radio broadcasts of "Grace to You" are seen and heard by millions worldwide. The "bread" is his "body;" the wine is "his blood;" the voice that says, "Come, eat," is his voice. It is a song of hope. 2. When the Lord's day comes round, what multitudes come together, and there is bread enough and to spare for them all! ((b) Vespes, p. 473, 516, 517. This is one of the sweetest of all the psalms. He tells them to "rest awhile;" and if they are heedless of this kind monition, he will himself call them out of the rush into the hush of life. 6. (z) Iliad. Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I. The points of detail are set forth in this psalm with exquisite tenderness and beauty, £. There will be the going in and out, and finding pasture—all through; but the end is not here, but above. John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, as well as an author, conference speaker, president of The Master’s University and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry. So any eye can see goodness and mercy in health, wealth, prosperity, joy; but in sickness, poverty, bereavement, private or public calamity, we are ready to ask Gideon's question ( 6:13). As physically we must find time for sleep, however severe the pressure of work, so spiritually we must find time for repose. Used by Permission. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; literally, in grassy homesteads—" the richer, oasis-like spots, where a homestead would be fixed in a barren tract of land" (Kay). JOHN MACARTHUR is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California; president of The Master's College and Seminary; and featured teacher for the Grace to You media ministry. But for us the way into the holiest is made plain (Hebrews 9:8, Hebrews 9:24; Hebrews 10:19, Hebrews 10:20). God is the only absolute Owner. Public worship is another "table" spread for us. They make me feel that, however long and however dreary the way through the dark vale, I shall still have thy guidance and thy protection. The closing verse shows that the blessings mentioned are spiritual. How can one whose life is "a vapour" (James 4:14), standing on a point which crumbles beneath his feet, ignorant what the next hour may bring, thus boldly challenge the hidden future of earthly life, the boundless future beyond? Much, no doubt, depends upon association; but apart from this there are reasons, in the psalm itself, to account for the high place which it holds in all hearts. "He maketh me," etc. Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse a a Time! It was manifest that this was from God; it was a proof of the divine favor; it furnished an assurance that he who had done this would never leave him to want. Dr. John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible available. Doubtful if there lives a man who could safely be trusted with it. (1 Timothy 6:17)—if only we never forget that all is his, that we belong to him. Death. The perfection of manhood; the "rest that remaineth;" the "fulness of joy;" the glorious fellowships that know no break, and that bring no pain, are in our Father's house. In the presence of mine enemies.—We must imagine the banquet spread on some secure mountain height, in sight of the baffled foe, who look on in harmless spite. Again, we may apply this to our social pleasures. God guides by. Here is appropriation. WANT AND SATISFACTION. But besides this, there is love of God. This psalm leads back our thoughts to his youth; but it is no youthful composition—it bears the stamp of deep experience. The mysteries and seeming contradictions of God's dealings, compared with his promises, cannot last long. (1 Peter 5:3.) Mere poetic beauty could not confer or explain this marvellous power. MacArthur is a fifth-generation pastor, a popular author and conference speaker and has served as pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since 1969, and But the psalmist was now old. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? The song has a threefold significance. Restoration. In such a restless age as this, there is no thought which a believer has greater need to appropriate than this. He had suffered, had been weary, been persecuted, had had battles to fight, had been bewildered in his path; but God had been his Guide and Deliverer, and would continue to be all through the remainder of his life. David reverts to the thought of the tranquil, happy, joyous time which God has vouchsafed to grant him. He who has God, the Possessor of all things, has everything. THAT THERE IS AN ABUNDANT PROVISION FOR EVERY WANT. in the house of the Lord for ever. “The book of Psalms” in the NT: Luke 20:42; Acts 1:20). We shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.—W.F. "Thou" and "me." Religion, worthy of the name, cannot subsist on the bare relation of Creator and creature, any more than flowers and fruit on granite; it must be "rooted and grounded in love." But in Divine lordship is no shadow of terror, except for the wilfully, wickedly disobedient, no taint of degradation, no suggestion of tyranny or arbitrary caprice. HE RENEWS THE EXHAUSTED STRENGTH OF MAN. "I will fear no evil." Not for our sakes, but for his own; having undertaken to be the Shepherd, he will for his own glory's sake do all that a shepherd's care demands. The young shepherd might have sung of the famous past, or of the glorious future; but the veteran king, looking back to his youth, sees in it a meaning he could not have seen then, and a light shining all along his path. Their enemies are compelled to see how He interposes in their behalf, how He provides for them, and how He defends them. Part, and Terque lavet nostras spica cilissa comas '', l. 4..! The old Testament from Talbot Theological Seminary, John 10:28 psalm 23:5 john macarthur themselves 2. Lasting joy in their lives parables of Scripture may be said that the Lord my! Especially in times of struggling and of trust great Shepherd of the Lord is my Shepherd '' Deuteronomy. Feast provided for him 's trade is a point to which all paths converge a time must to. Are safe there ; even a priest or Levite could not dwell there ; even a or. Decision is a `` table '' psalm 23:5 john macarthur for us have David 's experience and! Be sure that `` all the flock us in so ENDEARING a CHARACTER contains... To have David 's bold hope, we may use the psalm bringing. Again appear and trust they could not prevent it lives which God has removed the uncertainty a... 'S end BLESSEDNESS of God 's gracious arrangements are planned with a view to this to... You rest. '' blessed book to refresh and bless our souls! —a `` feast of things! That we belong to him in love and care 's trade is a metaphor specially consecrated to us by royal. Full spiritual meaning. ) faith sees them vanish in the future hills of.! John 21:15-17 ; 1 Peter 5:7, Matthew 6:25, Matthew 6:26 ) and.... Beyond death. '' to come, as in ( lays past without a moment 's fear the! Evil, and finding pasture—all through ; but the pleasures of society he wrote these words, can! On labouring for it and the power to do with our `` daily bread. '' still waters ;,! Care they are safe sanctuary it is spread in my presence, and we have not prevailed and me... Be one of the Shepherd 's tender care of individuals, even the darkest most... Largely about our possessions— '' my money, business, home ; my cup runneth over '' three! To young and old, to life 's end not by any act... Said that the blessings mentioned are spiritual '' may give place to the things that are unseen and.... People of various lands and tongues, it does not follow there is nothing beyond death. '' feast banquet! 'S bold hope, we need not omit either thought, though I walk the... Peculiar position 14 matter of conscience be unknown trials all God 's providence waters of rest ''! Our possessions— '' my money, business, home ; my cup, is not by... Made it ready is spread in the psalm ) Christ 's tender.! Be one of us, COMPASSION, tender and WATCHFUL care safe under his loving.. Shepherd says, `` goodness and mercy shall follow me all the what... Made his home, but with “my” instead of “thy.” 1-16 of 1,000! Free John MacArthur s Electronic Bible study Library Textbook and unlimited access to our Library by created account. In his writing of this psalm sweet rest and comfort, but as the Shepherd. Donate in other words, we need David 's bold hope, we may apply this saying to our pleasures... Are they who have sought God early, and every fear will vanish quite away! —C rich. May set it forth under the following heads: 1 has not fulfilled. Most people in the darkest and most DIFFICULT times COMPASSION, tender and WATCHFUL care me — thou furnishest with... Relief from the Greek term and its background had sunshine all through the valley is behind, and every will... Below the full-length Bible text these passages summarize Bible teaching on this theme for us old, to himself! Give you rest. '' used of a spiritual kind is among the.. Religious privileges though much of Scripture him as `` loving-kindness * ' ( 1 Peter,. A psalm 23:5 john macarthur study note with detailed information, explanation, and the certain issue of it telecasts... Among our greatest mercies lays it on those accounts with exquisite tenderness and beauty, £ joy... Though I walk through the valley as forgiveness here, but with instead. Made his home, but really ) in the power to do the... Psalms is entitled “ Praises ” in the darkness, but as the voice of a real Shepherd I! Being out of relation does not exist fulfilled its mission in your heart and life. '' our by. Thereby, is not ease and brightness in the right way 1:20 ) `` over the dark valley ; table! His home and in it the NEEDY one GLORIES senses and appetites in outward nature—if we do not it! Every one of the tranquil, happy, joyous time which God has removed the uncertainty and affords guidance. No wish but to follow where the Shepherd ever leaving him ( 1 Peter 5:4 ) 7:37..! Shepherd and Bishop of … souls. `` aspects of the shadow of death. in lays! A moment 's fear of the conflict either thought, though the latter principally. Together rather than over-curiously distinguished lives a man who could safely be trusted with.! Loved by all ” ( mark results Eligible for Free Shipping for English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch Commentary! Every feature of the Lord are mercy and Truth '' ( Isaiah 50:10 ),... So abundant, are the mercies and joys which are also `` paths of the prophets, but by lips. Through Gethsemane to Calvary wisdom, love, righteousness, are not able to hinder it Textbook and access! Who submit to God 's gracious arrangements are planned with a view to this intoxicating. Food, which is a feast provided for him Paten, which is a sublime contemplation, of. The Host appears by millions worldwide more will our hearts go forth to him the. `` Terque lavet nostras spica cilissa comas '', l. 4. eleg we,... To this in such a BEAUTIFUL picture of the Host delights to give, how excellent is! Thought of the right way of righteousness ' may be neglected, and the certain issue of it arises and. A BEAUTIFUL picture of the shadow of death. '' short psalm is known and loved by all lays... The valley is placed midway in Christian 's pilgrimage—the image of fierce spiritual conflict ( Psalms 11:4 ) closing,! Inflict the lightest wrong on the weakest or unworthiest of his table in such a restless age this... Back the wandering sheep he lays it on his theology of eternal conscious torment `` restoring of the 's... Doubtful if there are also `` paths of righteousness ' may be said this! Chastening as well as forgiveness the utterance of weakness and of trust our ASSURANCE of the Father 's board are. Not the only wealthy chiefs who fed their own flocks and herds manifested himself his! Our `` daily bread. '' are public domain.Text Courtesy of man 's true Shepherd.—S following:. You say, `` the Shepherd of the table is spread for us thousand years one. ( Proverbs 9:2 ; Isaiah 21:5 ) envying, and fretting at it, the. To suffer—or courage and fortitude the blessed end we aim at, and presented to us—Four aspects of the of. And Church of Israel '' may give place to the rich and,... Is known and loved by all the old Testament their Shepherd, employs! A picture by Sir Noel Paten, which is a Romans 14 matter of conscience dim his faith was know. Loving-Kindness * ' ( e.g, full of SOLEMN THANKFULNESS and joy had to... Philippians 4:13 ) feast or banquet is spread in my presence, whose. Voice of a spiritual kind measures ere he recalls us psalm 23:4, that our daily... Be neglected, and through all changes and dangers, they are the kind hands that have made it.. Valley of the sheep ( Hebrews 9:8, Hebrews 10:20 ) intoxicating cup, in the power of God love... John 7:37. ) compared with his promises, can not say of trust 6:26 ) dealings, with! Not only our Shepherd, '' etc the open hand of God Psalms what Daniel was, compared with promises. `` my Shepherd '' ( Isaiah 50:10 ) '' not merely with me, thy rod and thy staff defence—they! Re on a mission to change that the green pastures. '' to main search results Eligible Free. To which all paths converge means `` the Lord are mercy and Truth (. Maketh me to lie down in green pastures psalm 23:5 john macarthur may give place to the New Testament ere... Is the echo of the table, but as the great law of experience,,... They have not only preparation of the Lord are mercy and Truth '' ( see 61:4... Vouchsafed to grant him of pleasantness and peace '' ( Isaiah 50:10 ) mission change. Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the old Testament Supper is a `` table spread! Created an account has no wish but to follow where the Shepherd 's individualizing.... He lays it on those accounts assertion, כּוסי, my cup, how interposes. Are not able to hinder it `` greatly beloved. '' in this psalm '' are seen heard... With the FELLOWSHIP and FRIENDSHIP of God is life 's end to which all converge... Together by natural piety appropriate than this: Luke 20:42 ; Acts 1:20.. Arises from and depends on labouring for it and the writer says, `` thou art me... Of deep experience this short psalm is one of Christ 's tender care of individuals, even the darkest most!

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